Data capture, character recognition OCR ICR OMR CHR BCR, image processing, forms data capture, document indexing, automatic data extraction Data capture, character recognition OCR ICR OMR CHR BCR, image processing, forms data capture, document indexing, automatic data extraction
Recogniform BCR 2D SDK

Recogniform BCR 2D SDK

Introduction to barcode PDF417

Recogniform BCR2-2D PDF417
The PDF417 is a bi-dimensional barcode allowing to pack a large amount of data in a small space, saving more information than a "traditional" linear barcode. Encoding a full ASCII character set, the barcode PDF417 can contain up to 2,700 characters. A PDF-417 barcode is arranged into columns, guarded by 5 black bars on each side, and each column is split into rows of clusters. Each cluster represents a codeword encoding a value which, taken with all the other values, defines the encoded data. This symbology includes error correction features (Reed Salomon) allowing to repair and read also damaged or incomplete barcodes.

Recogniform Barcode PDF417 Recognition Library
Recogniform BCR2-2D PDF417
Recogniform PDF417 Recogntion Engine finds all the barcodes automatically anywhere on the image, independent of skew, orientation and flipping. You'll get high recognition accuracy and performance also under poor quality conditions.

Supported PDF417 Features:

  • Truncated PDF417
  • Reed-Solomon Error Correction Levels: da 0 a 8
  • All Compaction Modes: Text, Binary, Numeric

Recognition Output

  • Text or Binary Data
  • Barcode location (encompassing rectangle)
  • Barcode orientation (rotated clockwise, rotated counterclockwise, upside down,diagonal)
  • Error Correction Level
  • Recognition confidence level (0% to 100%)

Evaluation version
Through the download section you can download an evaluation version of this product.

Looking a solution ready to use capable of processing images, documents and forms contenent bidimensional bar codes? Choose Recogniform Reader!
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