Data capture, character recognition OCR ICR OMR CHR BCR, image processing, forms data capture, document indexing, automatic data extraction Data capture, character recognition OCR ICR OMR CHR BCR, image processing, forms data capture, document indexing, automatic data extraction


Not all paper documents are write in "portrait" mode, that is, thinking a sheet A4, with natural orientation to reading such that the narrow part of both the base sheet.

Sometimes it happens that charts, tables, forms, report and prepared similar are printed in "landscape" mode, that id, always referring a sheet A4, whith the narrow part on base of sheet.

But when scanning documents, always use the same orientation for which we will be left with rotated images correctly for reading and others not. Without considering the fact that it could happen to human error inserting documents into the scanner upside down, which of course will produce images upside down.

To avoid that, during the next consultation documentthe operator must repeatedly use rotation functions to be able to correctly read the full document, or just to straighten it manually, has been developed a special technology of self-orientation (self-orientation or self-orient ) that allows you to automatically perform this operation without human intervention.

An analysis of the content of the page allows to identify the correct orientation of reading and decide for yourself if the document is straight or whether to automatically rotate images 90, 270 or 180 degrees. This technology can be based both on an analysis of the graphic elements that make up the page, then on the global layout, is the interpretation of the real characters through OCR.

In the first case the heuristics are applied, the rules implemented on the basis of a previous analysis of heterogeneous documents, or, when possible, a comparison is made with an expected layout of the modules. In the second case the approach is to attempt to read the document, or a portion of it, in the four possible orientations, using then the confidence of reading and/or a real dictionary, to find what is the orientation in where you can read more text.

Obviously each of the two approaches may be more or less rapid and effective, for which the choice usually should be made according to specific needs.

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