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BCR - Barcode Recognition

BCR - Barcode Recognition

The acronym BCR is now usually used to refer to the technology BarCode Recognition, even if it was originally coined to denote Business Card Recognition, namely the specific data capture technology for business cards.

A linear bar code consists of a sequence of elements blacks and whites, the bars, which encode the data according to their size and their position. The data codified are numbers, alphabetic characters, special characters and any other information. Having been designed to be read by machines, they are usually the most accurate method to capture data from images.

BCR - Barcode Recognition

A linear bar code

There are many types of linear bar codes that differ in the amount of coded characters, number of bars needed to encode a single character, the measures authorized for the bars and the presence of control codes. Among the most widely remember the Code39, the Code128, the 2of5, the EAN8/13, etc..

The search and decoding of a bar code inside of a page can be performed in a specific area or inside the whole image: the smaller the search area the higher the speed of recognition and the lower the possibility error.

During the operation of recognition are searched all possible barcodes in the area indicated: If you find a potential barcode is examined to determine whether it satisfies the requirements. It examines the type of bar code of the candidate, its size, the number of encoded characters, any control code (checksum) and these data are compared with the default settings in order to decide whether to decode it or discard it.

Because barcodes are born specifically for automatic reading, decoding their usually is not particularly problematic as long as they are not damaged, they have been printed respecting their technical specifications, which have an adequate quiet zone (blank area) on either side and that the scanning resolution is sufficient for a correct discrimination of the bars.

If there is ever a need to preprint a code or data on a form, the choice of using a barcode is shown, therefore the most suitable.

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