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Recogniform Book Scanner

Recogniform Book Scanner

Recogniform Book Scanner
Recogniform Book Scanner is the high-tech / low-cost product for the dematerialization of book, magazines, catalogs and any bond paper that you can't scanning singularly with ADF. Recogniform Book Scanner is the ideal solution for professional, occasional or comsumer user wich, with a limited budget, do not want to compromise on quality. The hardware components consists of a CMOS camera on high definition with USB interface, of optics very simple with possibility of manual focus, of a led illuminator and of adjustable support. Depending on the size of the volume to be scanned you can adjusting the height of the support and making the focus of the scan: nothing more!
Recogniform Book Scanner
The software components is a developed ad-hoc to solve in an original and effective the classic problem of book capture: automate the scanning, curvature correction, creating a file readable and compact size. Though the pages are turned manually, scanning is automatic: the software realizes that the page has been turned and automatically starts scanning. At the end of the scan (<2 sec.), an acoustic signal warns the operator so that he can turn the page. The software is also able to detect the presence of finger on the sheet and delete it from the scanned image, restoring a homogeneous background to an adjacent one. To solve the problem of text deformation due to both perspective distortion introduced at capture from above, and "wave" effect generated from thickness of any books and the presence of a binding type very stiff, has been implemented a sofisticated algorithm of image processing able to identify and automatically correct this type of distortion and obtain a flat image, exactly as if the page were "crushed" on a plane. The result according the readeble of the text, quality of images and space occupation. Has been well realized a system able to generate PDF files multi-layer for each page containing a layer of monochrome text higher resolution, and a layer image in color or gray-scale resampled to lower resolution: in this way the size of the files are contained, the color images remaing and the text is readable and re printable on best quality. Recogniform Book Scanner also incorporates many of the features of their Recogniform ImageProcessor (the processing application of images batch) as the dynamic binarization, recognition of the type of page, deskew, cleaning, cropping border: all automated now that you absolutely can not give up.

Recogniform Book Scanner: il perfetto abbinamento di hardware low-cost e software hi-tech!

Recogniform Book Scanner
Step 1: It is sufficient to turn the pages and hold them with your fingers to start automatically scan, performed in less than two seconds.

Recogniform Book Scanner
Step 2: Auto cut the image

Recogniform Book Scanner
Step 3: Automatic compensation "wave effect"

Recogniform Book Scanner
Step 4: Removing fingers, dynamic binarization and general improving of image,
on the possibility to save in PDF format (also searchable, with the form Recogniform OCR Server)
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